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Landscape Impressions offers an array of ornamental trees and shrubs for hedges, patios, and landscaping. Call today for availability and pricing! We have many more trees, shrubs and perennials than what is shown.

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Fine line buckthorn (3 gallons):

Dark green, lacy foliage on a columnar thornless shrub. Perfect for hedges or privacy screens, especially where space is limited.

Hydrangea tree:

Tree hydrangeas produce a generous amount of beautiful, snowball-like flowers. It can grow to 25 feet tall and, with pruning, resembles a small tree.

Ninebark diablo tree form (15 gallons):

Diablo shows off in the summer garden with its deep purple-red maple like foliage. White flowers appear in clusters in late spring. In the fall, leaves becomes a reddish-bronze. It can grow up to 10 feet.

Sky pencil Holly (7 gallons):

Sky Pencil hollies are narrow, columnar shrubs that grow up to 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide. They produce small, greenish flowers. Perfect for containers, patios or where hedges are needed but space is limited.

Vanderwolf pine 4-5’:

Distinctive, pyramid-shaped evergreen pine with long, twisted, silvery blue-green needles covering the dense branches. Excellent pest and disease resistance.

Dwarf globe blue spruce tree:

This charming, globe-shaped evergreen shrub is dwarf, flat-topped and densely branched. The bright blue needles hold their color all year long. Slowly reaches 3 to 5 ft. tall and 5 to 6 ft. wide.

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